George Koliopoulos Sensei

George Koliopoulos first started Aikido in 1974 at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago under the guidance of his teacher Fumio Toyoda Sensei. Since 1986 he has worked as a professional Aikido Instructor with his own Organization based in Greece and has been a member of the Aikikai Hombu Dojo since 1994. Presently, George Koliopoulos is 6th Dan black belt in Aikido. He is Chief Instructor for the Hellenic Aikido Aikikai, teaches regularly and travels extensively conducting seminars all over Greece and Europe

His relationship with the Hadeland Folkenhogskole started in 2004 when his student Dimitris Farmakidis invited him to conduct a seminar and since then George Koliopoulos has been coming for seminars every other year.

“After many years of working together with Dimitris Farmakidis and the Hadeland Folkenhogskole I can safely say with complete confidence that the school has helped hundreds of students to find their way in life. I have personally witnessed the positive transformation of many of these young people. In closing, I would like to congratulate the staff and teachers of the school and sincerely hope that the good work will continue for many years to come and I hope that I can continue to make a small contribution.”




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